After four consecutive years in the top spot for growth, North Dakota has been bumped to second place as the fastest growing state – based on a 9.9% increase from the U.S. Census 2010 – by Utah, as the fastest growing state in the nation with a current population of 3,051,217. And, in the southwestern-most corner of the Beehive State, St. George is once again growing at a record pace.

Statisticians believe North Dakota will once again be #1 next year, but list several reasons for Utah’s rise to #1 in 2016 including the obvious one – our state’s high birth rate! However, they also count the in-migration of those seeking asylum from tyrannical governments; as well as our state’s strong economy resulting from an influx of major employers including eBay and Adobe. But then – at least in our part of Utah – it just might be the clear blue sky and sunshine on 300 out of every 365 days, and breathtaking scenery.

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Utah, Fastest Growing State
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Utah, Fastest Growing State
With all of the families and great environment. Utah is the nation's fastest growing state.
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Five Seasons
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