If you love rocks – either the geologic kind or the musical version – you are going to love The National Parks Rock Fest playing on Saturday, July 8 at the O. C. Tanner Amphitheater at the gates of Zion National Park in Springdale where you’ll be able to enjoy both simultaneously!

The National Parks Fest, a musical group who began their rise in popularity in early 2013, have amazed audiences with their wide variety of pop vocal blending and instrumental genius, including their first album, Young, which climbed to #13 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart. Although they have been branded an electronic folk pop group, their music truly stands alone.  Joining TNP will be local favorite, Many Miles, nearly famous for their infectious grooves and melodies.

The Tanner Amphitheater, built in 1976 by the late O.C. Tanner – a highly successful Salt Lake City jeweler – is now owned and operated by Dixie State University. Tanner’s aim was to strengthen Southern Utah arts by providing a world-class venue combining learning and the arts.  Years later, the goals of this visionary businessman, have been realized with the creation of the DSU Experiential Learning programs coupled with DSU’s summer Cultural Arts programming.

If you’ve been to the Tanner Amphitheater, you already know of this outdoor amphitheater’s spectacular setting. If you’ve not yet been there, be prepared to be entertained … and wowed at the beauty all around you! Tickets are available online at www.tickets.dsutix.com.

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The National Parks Fest at Tanner
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The National Parks Fest at Tanner
The National Parks Fest are performing at the O.C. Tanner Amphitheater on June 8th.
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Five Seasons
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