horseback-ridingHorseback Trails in St. George, Utah

Want to do something different for your next vacation visiting the red rocks of St. George? There are many things that St. George, Utah has to offer its residents and visitors. One of these things is horseback trail riding! If you own your horses you may travel them at any time as long as it coincides with the hours specified if located in a park or canyon. The following trails are offered for hikers, bikers, runners, skateboarders, and horseback riders.

Bluff Street Trail

Bluff Street Trail in total is .8 miles long. It follows the street until it reaches Turtle Road. This trail can be used to get to Snow Canyon State Park and the state trail and Snow Canyon Trails as well.

Fort Pearce Trail

Running .75 miles and paved, the Fort Pearce trail offers anyone willing to travel it wonderful views of the southern fauna and flora of Utah. There is a pedestrian bridge in which you can view all of the beautiful sights that this portion of Utah has to offer.

Gas Line Trail

This trail is unlike the others in that it is not paved. Soil and rock is the surface of this trail that lasts about 1.6 miles. You can view willow and cottonwood trees along the trail and even have access to another park, Royal Oaks.

Hilton Drive Trail

Paved like most of the other trails, Hilton Drive Trail travels parallel to the Interstate for a total of 1.5 miles. It continues after that but connecting with J.C. Snow Park and Virgin River Trail.

Sand Hollow Wash Trail

The Aquatic Center located at Sand Hollow and the Complex of the Canyons can be reached by traveling this approximately 2 mile paved trail.

Snow Canyon Trail

This is the longest trail reaching 3.1 miles long. Snow Canyon Trail can be accessible through Bluff Street Trail and Halfway Wash Trail and runs along SR-18 and the Snow Canyon Parkway after crossing the SR-18 intersection. If you’re looking to have someone designated along for the ride, you can reserve a guided horseback tour. Some guided tours include taking a horse through the trails offered in St. George including in Zion National Park. Other areas include Red Mountain, Paria Canyon, and Snow Canyon. Many of the trails located in and around the parks of Southern Utah are paved. A large portion of these trails are accessible for everyone including those needing handicap accessibility. All vehicles are prohibited on these trails. St. George offers many different destinations for all types of breathtaking beauty to be seen and we especially love to share it with our Five Seasons Vacation Rental guests! Here are a couple outfitters to reserve a guided horseback tour:

Horseback Trails in St George Utah
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Horseback Trails in St George Utah
Horseback Trails in St George Utah
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