Are you debating whether to stay in a hotel or a vacation rental as you begin to plan your St. George, Utah vacation? Well, let us help steer you in the right direction to make the right decision when it comes to your lodging accommodations while on vacation. Consider some of the problems with hotels. 

More Space

This is not something that hotel rooms have a lot of, pretty limited in this department. Speaking of limited space, the beds are not only used for sleeping, but eating snacks, to watch tv on, and whatever else if you want to sit down at all while in your hotel room, it will most likely be on the bed. Also, who wants to share a crammed bathroom if there is more than just you and your significant other sharing a hotel room?

Enough discussion on hotel room space…definitely consider one of our vacation rentals as you have private bedrooms, bathrooms, full kitchens, living room, and a dining area as well. No need to worry about having to wait your turn to use the bathroom or to change because there is an additional bathroom (or more) and another bedroom (or more) to ease that burden and inconvenience. A vacation rental even has extra space to enjoy lounging on a comfortable couch or recliner where you can watch your favorite movie or TV show, or even play games after an enjoyable day filled full of adventure.

Amenities and Extras

One of the basic problems with hotels is that you are charged additionally for amenities at a hotel that you are not charged for at one of our vacation rentals. These include: laundry, parking, wireless internet, movies and other gaming devices, among other things. Let’s not forget that all of our vacation rentals include full kitchens, where you are able to prepare meals and have things on hand in the refrigerator instead of having to order room service or something from the mini bar. Having the luxury of the full kitchen you can save quite a bit of money by making meals rather than eating out every meal or ordering room service at the hotel. Also, when staying at one of the vacation rentals resorts instead of a hotel, there are a number of things to do on site as well including: multiple pools, hot tubs, and playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, gym/workout areas, trails out your doorstep, balconies with a BBQ grill and patio area with fantastic views.

Around the Clock Contacts

Just as you would be able to call down to the front desk at your hotel for whatever you may be ‘needing’, you too have that same convenience to contact us as well 24 hours a day if needed.

Lower Cost

When you breakdown what you are getting when you stay in hotel vs. one of our vacation rentals, you are definitely saving over and over again and still getting a ton of more space too! Vacation Rentals are not only budget friendly, but also family friendly. Do you want to pay for overpriced laundry services at your hotel? Pay for parking even when you are a guest of the hotel? What about the crazy markup prices to ‘rent’ a dvd player or gaming devices while being a guest at the hotel? Sometimes hotels even charge you for using the wireless internet too! When staying at one of our vacation rentals you WILL NOT have that problem. You can save a bundle with your family and/or friends during your stay at one of our vacation rentals by having the option to cook meals in the full kitchen rather than ‘having’ to go out to eat.

Most of all though, you have the feeling of being able to relax and comfortably feel at home in one of our luxurious vacation rentals rather than cramming you and your family in a small single hotel room. To be honest, here is the real problem with hotels, they just can’t come close to comparing to staying in one of our comfortable and spacious vacation rentals! check more at  

Here is the Real Problem with Hotels
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Here is the Real Problem with Hotels
Hotels are a hassle compared to vacation rentals. Travel in style and less expense.
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Five Seasons
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