Warm Winter Vacation Ideas

Escaping the Chill

Those of us who live in locations around the US with frigid winters, sometimes we just wish the snow and storms would take a year off and go somewhere else. We get tired of waking up every morning with frozen toes and runny noses.

Well there are plenty of places across the country where you can escape the winter chill and enjoy the sun. One of those places in St. George, Utah.

Your Warm Winter Vacation in St. George, Utah

Why St. George?

St. George might be in the same state as blizzards and below-zero temperatures, but you won’t find those things down in beautiful Southern Utah. Hordes of vacationers travel to St. George every year because of its spectacular weather during the winter months.

Here you can plan the perfect day:

  1. Wake up in your beautiful St. George vacation home.
  2. Grab something to eat at Black Bear Diner.
  3. Head on over to Snow Canyon for a hike, drive thru, or a nice walk.
  4. Fill up that hungry tummy with a classic steak from The Gun Barrel.
  5. Catch an afternoon tee time at Dixie Red Hills Golf Club
  6. Head on over to The Painted Pony Restaurant for some fine dining
  7. Hurry up and catch an amazing concert at the Tuacahn Amphitheatre
  8. When you get back to your vacation condo, enjoy a soothing dip in the jacuzzi or curl up in bed and fall asleep to a late night movie.
  9. Wake up in the morning, and start all over again.

Southern Utah Get Outdoors Day Family Expo

Put the Remote Control Down

If St. George and the rest of Southern Utah is known for anything, it’s the great outdoors! Last Saturday was National Get Outdoors Day, but many of us probably missed it. Well the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, the National Park Service, and the Bureau of Land Management are sponsoring a day of great family-friendly activities to help families have more of a desire to get outdoors.

The Southern Utah Get Outdoors Day Family Expo will be on Saturday, June 16th from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM at the Tuacahn Market in Ivins, Utah. KCSG Television gives the whole scoop on the event:

“Activity stations will include desert hiking, regional recreational information, wildlife viewing, the Southern Nevada Agency Partnership Explore! Mobile Exhibit, an interactive caving challenge, a dinosaur murder mystery exhibit, knot tying competition and rock climbing gear demos.”

Southern Utah is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, so it only makes sense to tie our shoes, fill up some water bottles, put on some sunscreen, and get outdoors. To learn more about the Southern Utah Get Outdoors Day Family Expo, click HERE.

Rental Condos St. George, Utah

Explore St. George, Utah with a Vacation Rental Condo

St. George, Utah | Utah’s Dixie

Rental Condo in St. George Utah

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Rental Condo in St. George, Utah

Very few cities can even being to boast the variety, stability, and beauty that St. George, Utah can. St. George is a city surrounded bybreathtaking landscapes and scenery, nestled in a temperate climate, and anchored to a proud history and heritage.

St. George, Utah is located where basin and range meet the Colorado Plateau, creating an abundance of geological formations found nowhere else on earth. Mountains, canyons, ancient floodplains and terraces, synclines and anticlines, laccoliths, faults, cinder cones, and extinct volcanoes are just a few landmarks which add to the scenic beauty and diversity of this St. George. It is a place that
attracts outdoor enthusiasts from all across the globe.

Why Rent a Vacation Condo in St. George?

You may ask yourself, “Why in the world would I want to rent a condo while on vacation?” Condos may be a little more expensive than normal hotel rooms, but let us tell you why vacationers flock to rental condos in St. George, Utah each and every year.

For starters, with rental condos, you get more included in the full vacation package. When you really break down the price, you will be getting a whole lot more bang for your buck. Here’s why:

  • TV, DVD, wave machine and iPod docks
  • Giant patios with scenic views
  • Fully-equipped kitchens with tableware, cooking utensils, dishware, and appliances
  • High quality, professionally laundered sheets and towels
  • Fireplace (gas or wood-burning)
  • Gas barbecue
  • Washer and dryer
  • Complimentary high-speed internet access
  • Many offer outdoor hot tubs
  • Swimming pools

You’re basically leaving home to go home. A vacation just doesn’t get any better than that. No more having to get two rooms for a family or large group. You’ll have plenty of space in a vacation rental condo.

Five Seasons Vacation Rentals | Call (877) 803-5226

You can rent a condo, or you can rent a Five Seasons condo. Five Seasons Vacation Rentals offers all of the above but with a wide selection of top quality St. George, Utah vacation rental condos, including one-bedroom condos to luxury rentals with pools, hot tubs, and much more. Stay two nights or two weeks. It doesn’t matter! Five Seasons offers rental condos in St. George, Utah for vacationers in every circumstance.

So escape to an adventure of a lifetime! Come to Five Seasons and experience St. George, Utah with your relaxing vacation rental condo.

Huntsman World Senior Games | October 8, 2012

What Are the Huntsman World Senior Games

We love it this time of year! October is the month when the Huntsman World Senior Games participants are in town to compete.

To give you a little background, the Huntsman World Senior Games started back in 1987 and today involves over 2,000 volunteers hosting 27 athletic events for over two weeks every single October. These events are held for those 50 years of age and above.

Hunstman World Senior Games

The crowd draws competitors from all over the world and has become an extremely popular St. George, Utah vacation spot. It is so awesome to see such a diverse group of people come from around the world and have this universal connection bring them together.

The participants are an amazing and elite group who continue to strive for good health and enjoy a little competition as well. Since the beginning of the games, it has been open to both men and women. It originally started with a requirement of being age 55, but it later was reduced to age 50 to invite those looking into retirement and encourage personal fitness throughout life.

Activity After Activity

The Senior Games also offer various health screenings, including a screening for breast and prostate cancer. Dances, band concerts, award ceremonies, socials are held for all to enjoy.

For those individuals who have been participating for years and years, the Huntsman World Senior Games has really become a “competitive” reunion with all of the friends that they have met throughout the years. What a unique experience!

We hope that in coming out to participate in the games you’ll take some time to enjoy the beauty and other attractions that St. George’s Dixie has to offer. We promise you will be sure to make it your own unique annual vacation.

Be sure to check out their official website at www.SeniorGames.net and don’t forget to book your St. George vacation rental before you come!

Utah Family Vacation Ideas

Vacation Ideas for Families Seeking the Time of Their Lives in Utah

Utah | Life Elevated

Utah seems to have a leg up on most other states in the US. What I mean by that is the fact that there is just so much stuff to do in Utah. With a family myself, I have come to appreciate how much the Beehive State offers families, whether it be adventure or relaxation. If you are one of the many searching for Utah family vacation ideas, I have a LOT to show you.

For example, St. George, Utah is said by many to be one of the most beautiful places in the country if not on earth. I was talking with someone the other day who recently visited Zion National Park. This guy has been everywhere; France, Germany, New Zealand, Hawaii. He’s planning a trip to Asia this summer. Though he has traveled the world and back, he still argues that Zion National Park is the most amazing place he’s ever been. “It’s like I stepped onto Mars or something. I have never seen anything like it in my entire life. It’s by far my favorite place on planet earth.”

Did Someone Say Golf?

Since we’re already talking about St. George, let’s keep going. If you have a golf-nut in your family like I do, St. George takes the cake. Just check out this list of golf courses:

Bring Your Hiking Boots and a Lot of Sunscreen

Is that enough? I could probably keep going. If you’re not a golfer, no problem. Feast your eyes upon national and state park heaven. Like I mentioned before, Zion National Park is a favorite, but it goes beyond that. Check these out.

Art, Art, and More Art

It’s amazing how people even own houses out here rather than just camping out 24/7. Let’s say you want to experience something other than the outdoors all day. If you’re a performing arts fan, may I suggest the Tuacahn complex, an amphitheatre on the edge of scenic Snow Canyon.

There’s also Coyote Gulch Art Village. This place is SO cool! With art galleries, studios, theatre, an art festival, a great restaurant, a gift shop, and a coffee shop, you could literally spend days there.

Just In Case You Want a Comfy Bed

With years of traveling and staying in hotels, I know what I’m talking about when I say that the hotel scene is out of the question when you stay in St. George. Las Palmas Resort Condos allows you to escape the crowds and enjoy St. George the way you were meant to enjoy it. These luxurious and family-friendly condos offer you a breath of fresh air from your busy schedule back at home.

The resort offers pools, hot tubs, playgrounds, and basketball and volleyball courts coupled with the amazing scenic views surrounding the resort, and not to mention the condos themselves. If that doesn’t scream “FAMILY FUN,” I don’t know what does. Complete your St. George experience with a one-of-a-kind vacation resort.

Looking for Utah family vacation ideas has never been easier thanks to the city of St. George.

The St. George Marathon | October 6, 2012

You Better Start Stretching

The St. George Marathon is extremely popular, not only among the locals, but for  people from all across the US and multiple countries as well.

Being a part of the St. George Marathon is pretty incredible. It’s inspiring. It’s exhausting. It’s a course with beautiful terrain and a one-of-a-kind landscape. For those that are competing, it’s so rewarding and fulfilling. This year the event is taking place on Saturday October 6, 2012 and will be marking the 36th Annual Race.

The St. George Marathon

If you are not participating in the St. George Marathon but would like to be involved in an event yourself, you can register for the Mayor’s Walk the morning of the marathon.  The walk begins at 7 am and encompasses the last stretch of the race through town. You will finish at Vernon Worthen Park, the same as the marathons runners.

We’ll See You There

Come and join Five Seasons Vacation Rentals and St. George Resort Rentals as we kick off the morning of the St. George Marathon and the Mayor’s Walk. Registration proceeds will go to a great charitable cause. For more information on registering for the Mayor’s Walk, visit the St. George Recreation Division webpage.)

FYI, the St. George Marathon is held annually at the beginning of October. The town is always packed, so be sure to book your St. George resort rental in advance so you won’t miss out on all of the fun and festivities that Southern Utah’s red rocks have to offer.

Luxury Rental Condos St. George, Utah

Las Palmas Resort Luxury Rental Condos in St. George, Utah

Experience St. George the Right Way

A lot of people that come to St George, Utah say that it’s a place like no other. For example, many St. George tourists take advantage of Zion National Park, Utah’s oldest national park. It’s well known for its canyons, including The Narrows, and its endless hiking possibilities. Zion National Park attracts around 3 million visitors every single year.

Those visitors are expecting an experience of a life time. They want a vacation that they will remember forever. Not only do they want to the best of the best when it comes to daily activities and adventures. They want to come home at night to luxury. That is exactly what Las Palmas Resort offers.

Las Palmas Resort | Luxury Rental Condos in St. George, Utah

The first thing that pops into most vacationers’ minds when they think of staying at a hotel or resort is comfort and relaxation. You want your vacation to be special, allowing you and your family to enjoy every second uninterrupted. Las Palmas Resort offers provides just that.

in St. George, Utah are perfect for travelers looking for serenity and an escape from the busy hotels! Las Palmas Resort is where you come to forget home, work, and the worries of life. As the ideal setting for families and outdoor enthusiasts, the condos are located next to several hiking, biking, and ATV trails.

You can also relax in any of our two new pool areas each with a hot tub. One pool (waterfall pool) is located behind buildings 9, 10, and 12. The other pool (with a shallow end for kids) is located behind buildings 17, 18 and 19. The complex also offers playgrounds, basketball, and volleyball courts.

The Las Palmas Resort rests upon a ridge providing a colorful collage of three Southern Utah scenic treasures:

Leave behind the crowded hotel scene and experience comfort and relaxation like you never have before with Las Palmas Resort’s .