St. George is a “diamond in the rough” for vacationers. When most people think of taking trip out west, they think Salt Lake, Colorado, Vegas, or California. “How the heck do we get to St. George anyways?”

Well, not only are we close to Las Vegas, but St. George’s Municipal Airport now consistently has flights coming in from Salt Lake along with flights to and from Los Angeles. These are huge hubs for travelers. Not to mention, beginning in June 2013, daily flights will be offered between St. George and Denver. Awesome!

So no matter what time of year it is, you’ll have easy access to Utah’s Dixie. Some of our favorite annual events here at Five Seasons include:

  • St. George Area Parade of Homes (3rd week of February)
  • St. George Art Festival(Easter Weekend)
  • Ford Ironman – St. George (1st weekend in May)
  • St. George Fourth of July Celebration
  • Dixie Lions’ Roundup Rodeo (mid-September)
  • St. George Marathon (1st weekend in October)
  • Huntsman World Senior Games (mid-October)
  • Tuacahn Amphitheatre(year round concerts & plays)

So start planning your Southern Utah vacation, book a stay at one of our beautiful St. George vacation rentals, and enjoy exploring one of the most gorgeous areas of the US.

Are you a festival goer? Well, even if you aren’t, this is definitely one you’ll still want to check out.

St. George Art Festival

The St. George Art Festival has been around since 1980 and is put on by the beautiful city of St. George, Utah. It actually originated as a festival for local artisans, but has since grown into much more than that. With the expansion of the St. George Art Festival, due to the appeal from both the artists and the festival attendees, it now has a committee select just over 110 artist applications from all over the United States to participate in this fun event that is held annually on Easter weekend. Be sure to start planning your St. George vacation getaway so you don’t miss out on being part of this wonderful event.

If in attendance, you can expect to see beautiful original works of art from extremely talented artists, live entertainment from musicians and dancers, a wide variety of food choices, and a children’s play area so they can get all the wiggles out. Let’s not forget that the festival is located in historic downtown St. George at the Town Square which includes the water features, fountains, a small river, flower gardens, a splash pad, and the carousel of course.

St. George Art Festival

So come on down to the St. George Art Festival during Easter weekend, and enjoy some good ‘ol fashioned family fun under the sun. If you need more information, feel free to call us. We’ll definitely be there to support those incredibly talented artists.

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It’s Like a Winter Vacation on Steroids

Who doesn’t like a fun adventure on a snowy mountaintop? Brian Head Resort is just the ticket to fill that void while staying at your warm winter vacation rental in St. George. It’s just over an hour to get to Brian Head from St. George, and it’s both skier and snowboarder friendly.

Brian Head Resort has great snow conditions and it peaks at an elevation just over 11,000 feet. The resort is made up of about 75 trails and consists of over 650 acres of skiing terrain.

The resort normally opens up early to mid November, prior to Thanksgiving, and will run through April (unless the conditions don’t allow it). Brian Head is an all around resort. It’s for everyone, whether you’re a novice skier taking up the bunny slopes, an expert snowboarder shredding the back country, or a fan of sliding around on a tube, Brian Head resort is excellent about catering to you.

Brian Head Resort

So head up the to snow and back to the sunshine and palm trees. We truly are a Five Seasons vacation rental destination.

Kolob Reservoir | A One-of-a-Kind Landscape

Kolob ReservoirWhen preparing to stay at your vacation rental in St. George, Utah, there are so many beautiful things to see and enjoy that are all within easy traveling distance in every direction that you need to consider adding to your to-do list. However, Kolob Reservoir is the place to escape for the day; a definite must-visit kind of a place.

There are two ways in which you can get to Kolob Reservoir. One option is up near Cedar City, and the other is on your way to Zion where you turn off into the town Virgin. I would recommend the second option.

It takes approximately one hour to get to Kolob Reservoir from St. George, but there are plenty of sites to stop and look at on your way. It is really incredible how drastic the landscape changes from the red rock and desert sage to being on the mountain with views of Zion National Park with pine and aspen trees near the reservoir.

There are great camping sites around the reservoir to enjoy along with great fishing spots from shore or in a small boat. You can even take a canoe or kayak around to explore. As you walk along the shoreline, you’ll probably see some crawdads as well in the shallow water. Trying to catch ’em can be lots of fun; just try not to get pinched.

Early October is an especially beautiful time of year to go up to see all of the colors changing on the trees during the fall season. The colors on the trees are so vibrant in their red, yellow, and orange hues; it really is quite a breathtaking site to see. You don’t want to miss it!

Plan your adventure to Kolob Reservoir today!

Kolob Reservoir

Escaping the Chill

Those of us who live in locations around the US with frigid winters, sometimes we just wish the snow and storms would take a year off and go somewhere else. We get tired of waking up every morning with frozen toes and runny noses.

Well there are plenty of places across the country where you can escape the winter chill and enjoy the sun. One of those places in St. George, Utah.

Your Warm Winter Vacation in St. George, Utah

Why St. George?

St. George might be in the same state as blizzards and below-zero temperatures, but you won’t find those things down in beautiful Southern Utah. Hordes of vacationers travel to St. George every year because of its spectacular weather during the winter months.

Here you can plan the perfect day:

  1. Wake up in your beautiful St. George vacation home.
  2. Grab something to eat at Black Bear Diner.
  3. Head on over to Snow Canyon for a hike, drive thru, or a nice walk.
  4. Fill up that hungry tummy with a classic steak from The Gun Barrel.
  5. Catch an afternoon tee time at Dixie Red Hills Golf Club
  6. Head on over to The Painted Pony Restaurant for some fine dining
  7. Hurry up and catch an amazing concert at the Tuacahn Amphitheatre
  8. When you get back to your vacation condo, enjoy a soothing dip in the jacuzzi or curl up in bed and fall asleep to a late night movie.
  9. Wake up in the morning, and start all over again.

What Are the Huntsman World Senior Games

We love it this time of year! October is the month when the Huntsman World Senior Games participants are in town to compete.

To give you a little background, the Huntsman World Senior Games started back in 1987 and today involves over 2,000 volunteers hosting 27 athletic events for over two weeks every single October. These events are held for those 50 years of age and above.

Hunstman World Senior Games

The crowd draws competitors from all over the world and has become an extremely popular St. George, Utah vacation spot. It is so awesome to see such a diverse group of people come from around the world and have this universal connection bring them together.

The participants are an amazing and elite group who continue to strive for good health and enjoy a little competition as well. Since the beginning of the games, it has been open to both men and women. It originally started with a requirement of being age 55, but it later was reduced to age 50 to invite those looking into retirement and encourage personal fitness throughout life.

Activity After Activity

The Senior Games also offer various health screenings, including a screening for breast and prostate cancer. Dances, band concerts, award ceremonies, socials are held for all to enjoy.

For those individuals who have been participating for years and years, the Huntsman World Senior Games has really become a “competitive” reunion with all of the friends that they have met throughout the years. What a unique experience!

We hope that in coming out to participate in the games you’ll take some time to enjoy the beauty and other attractions that St. George’s Dixie has to offer. We promise you will be sure to make it your own unique annual vacation.

Be sure to check out their official website at and don’t forget to book your St. George vacation rental before you come!

You Better Start Stretching

The St. George Marathon is extremely popular, not only among the locals, but for  people from all across the US and multiple countries as well.

Being a part of the St. George Marathon is pretty incredible. It’s inspiring. It’s exhausting. It’s a course with beautiful terrain and a one-of-a-kind landscape. For those that are competing, it’s so rewarding and fulfilling. This year the event is taking place on Saturday October 6, 2012 and will be marking the 36th Annual Race.

The St. George Marathon

If you are not participating in the St. George Marathon but would like to be involved in an event yourself, you can register for the Mayor’s Walk the morning of the marathon.  The walk begins at 7 am and encompasses the last stretch of the race through town. You will finish at Vernon Worthen Park, the same as the marathons runners.

We’ll See You There

Come and join Five Seasons Vacation Rentals and St. George Resort Rentals as we kick off the morning of the St. George Marathon and the Mayor’s Walk. Registration proceeds will go to a great charitable cause. For more information on registering for the Mayor’s Walk, visit the St. George Recreation Division webpage.)

FYI, the St. George Marathon is held annually at the beginning of October. The town is always packed, so be sure to book your St. George resort rental in advance so you won’t miss out on all of the fun and festivities that Southern Utah’s red rocks have to offer.

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Put the Remote Control Down

If St. George and the rest of Southern Utah is known for anything, it’s the great outdoors! Last Saturday was National Get Outdoors Day, but many of us probably missed it. Well the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, the National Park Service, and the Bureau of Land Management are sponsoring a day of great family-friendly activities to help families have more of a desire to get outdoors.

The Southern Utah Get Outdoors Day Family Expo will be on Saturday, June 16th from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM at the Tuacahn Market in Ivins, Utah. KCSG Television gives the whole scoop on the event:

“Activity stations will include desert hiking, regional recreational information, wildlife viewing, the Southern Nevada Agency Partnership Explore! Mobile Exhibit, an interactive caving challenge, a dinosaur murder mystery exhibit, knot tying competition and rock climbing gear demos.”

Southern Utah is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, so it only makes sense to tie our shoes, fill up some water bottles, put on some sunscreen, and get outdoors. To learn more about the Southern Utah Get Outdoors Day Family Expo, click HERE.