Admittedly, St. George isn’t the shopping mecca of the West but it might realistically be considered such for those who live in many of our small, outlying communities and for tourists as well as local residents looking for something unique and trendy, not found in larger markets.

Besides having the market cornered for new and used cars (the southwestern corner of Utah at least), we here in the St. George area are proud of our only two shopping centers. There are many opportunities to spend money around town, but the Red Cliffs Mall and Zion Factory Stores are the main shopping destinations around here.

The Red Cliffs Mall has been dressing and decorating our community since 1998. Despite a history of anchor stores coming and going, the Red Cliffs Mall now has a nice selection of stores specializing in clothing, shoes, gift items, books, jewelry and electronics. A nice recent addition to the restaurants and eateries in our mall, in what was once the Food Court, is the Pizza Pie Café which has “about a million” choices of pizza, including dessert pizzas.

Around the corner from the Red Cliffs Mall, in just about the busiest part of St. George, is the 2-block-long outdoor gallery of Zion Factory Stores which opened its doors (all 30 of them) in 19XX. A popular tourist attraction for those just passing through town or staying for a few days, the Zion Factory Stores (aka “The Shoppes at Zion”) features a wide assortment of everything from chocolates and brand name baby clothes to cameras and men’s ware. The only downside to this popular shopping center is Zion Factory Stores, located at 250 Red Cliffs Drive, is set outdoors, so in the hot Dixie summer months or the cool holiday season, you can still enjoy a leisurely stroll from shop-to-shop, but plan accordingly.

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30 Ways To Shop Til You Drop In St. George - Red Cliffs Mall
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30 Ways To Shop Til You Drop In St. George - Red Cliffs Mall
Why go to Vegas for a mall when you have the Red Cliffs Mall right in St George.
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Five Seasons
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